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Laura Patrina introduces the prevention and self-healing breast cancer information available at The Resource Center.

Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, interviews Joe & Laura.

How can we Help you?

“Managing Breast Cancer – The Master Class Program”, is a unique multi-discipline collection of breast cancer information and the best self-healing ideas. These come out of research MDs, Naturopaths, and Clinical Practitioners. We operate as reporters, believing that medical literacy leads to choice and self-empowerment. The books, videos, and short essays housed on the web site cover the following topics.

Prevention of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Prevention

Understanding why Dense Breast Tissue, Menstrual scarring and Thyroid & Iodine deficiencies are pre-cursors to developing breast cancer. Learn what to do starting in one’s 30s to restore breast tissue health.

Immune System Aids

The role of blood antiseptics such as Iodine, & Zinc to sicken viruses, and how immune cell vitamins optimize the resolve of your immune response in attacking tumors and infections.
Prevention of Breast Cancer

Cellular Antioxidant Defenses

Such as Vitamin C, Green Tea, Blueberry Extract & Primrose Oil that protect cells from oxygen, improving cellular resolve against viral infection.

Vitamin D

Its role in sustaining each cell’s optimal DNA responses in achieving vitality.


Refined salt versus sea salt – how the absence of trace elements in refined salt results in a form of cellular mineral dehydration.

Mitochondria Support

The role of Mitochondria in manufacturing adequate levels of cellular electric power, and the nutrient requirements to achieve this.


How inflammation drives tumor aggression, explaining how to  lower inflammatory stress.

Blood Vessel Angiogenesis

Countermeasures that stem the Angiogenesis Enzymes, used by cancer cells to form a constant blood supply around them.

Breast Medical Issues

Covering the types and stages of breast cancer, the time frames for cancer development, & understanding cancer statistics.

Diagnostic Tools

Understanding Mammograms, Sonograms, Doppler Sonograms, Thermography, Cancer Markers, Biopsies, Nutritional, Hormonal & Allergy Testing.

Detoxing Strategies

The impact of Carcinogens, Alcohol, Caffein, Drugs, Sugar & Omega 6, and the use of Liver Detox, Fat Cell Detox & Homeopathic Detox to restore youthful cleanliness.

Genetic Factors

Such as BRCA Genes that make you susceptible to having a breast cell switched cancerous during cell division.

Disrupting the Cancer Tumor Comfort Zone

Why cancer cells love acidity, low oxygen, a heavy supply of glucose sugar & why they solely divide and not naturally die.

Diet & Cancer

The roles of sugar, fats, minerals, acidic versus alkaline foods, PH balancing, ketone versus glucose energy packets & diabetic drivers.

Respiratory Health

Covering the role of Blood & Lymph Systems, Blood Vessel Elasticity, Oxygen Delivery, Toxin Removal & Exercise.


The impacts of Radiation & Chemotherapy at the cellular level, how to disrupt tumor comfort zones with supplements such as CBD OIL, Frankincense, Saffron & Baking Soda.


The role of sleep.  How to manage one’s day-time Sympathetic and one’s night-time Para-sympathetic nervous systems to concentrate the immune response against antigens and tumors.


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Once you become acclimated to this new world of information, we advise that you move up to the Master Class Program video series. It is designed to keep you grounded as you implement some or all of the naturopathic measures. We wish you the best and hope you can replace fear with perspective.

The Managing Breast Cancer Video Program is breathtaking, in its clarity.  My knowledge base was dramatically elevated after just a few hours of video education, and in return, my fear of the disease has been somewhat tempered. – Laura Harrison, Bradley Communications Producer.