By Laura

At the start of our personal journey with breast cancer in 2014, my husband Joe and I found no web site in place organizing the hundreds of Conventional Medicine and Naturopathic topics arising out of both worlds. 

As a result, when receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, women are suddenly consumed with dread, adrift in the unknown with no way to counter fear. They crave information, but it is scattered across the internet, and treatment doctors only speak from within their individual silos of expertise. 

After five years of researching said silos, we spent two additional years organizing the findings for our envisioned Resource Center, which now offers:


Guides, White Papers, Books, Master Class Videos, Blog TV Segments, and One-on-one Coaching. 

The optic? “Replace fear with perspective. Don’t go this alone.” 


And though I adopted many of the findings - and achieved success in confronting my own tumors - we do not proclaim a cure for cancer; we simply lay out information so that each recipient can tackle their unique situation with both feet on the ground.


Furthermore, by using, women in their 30s and 40s can quickly assemble basic countermeasures to optimize their ongoing health and mitigate cancer outbreaks. 

With one-in-seven women poised to confront breast cancer, many women are out there looking for perspective and support. We can help.