The A U T H O R S 
Joe & Laura Patrina

Joe and Laura are a husband and wife 
team whose mission is to fight the 
paralyzing fear of breast cancer. 

In 2014, Laura reversed her tumors 
solely using the 30+ naturopathic 
measures the authors had researched. 

After publishing Defeating Breast 
in 2019, which describes the 
research findings, readers urged the 
authors for more information. 

In 2020, Joe & Laura added THE 
, an introductory guide, 
and produced a 34-video, Online 

These, plus a series of PDF writings, formed the heart of The Managing Breast 
Cancer - Resource Center. 

The Resource Center realizes that one needs to be armed with maximum 
knowledge to best interact with both conventional medicine and 
naturopathic practitioners. Don’t go it alone.

Their goal is to replace fear with know-how, but in digestible steps, offering 
frameworks on surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and naturopathic 

Parents of four, residing in Connecticut, LAURA, is a karate instructor with 
a triple black belt, and JOE, a research-oriented author of travelogues, 
history, law, medicine, sports and music.