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Zoom Coaching


Breast Cancer Education for those wanting regular support with specialists who are able to walk participants through motivational and subject matter issues. We are available to keep you moving.

These specialists first require that you attend the New Horizons Master Class program and have watched the foundation videos.  From there, they support your journey and reinforce key points of the naturopathic, self-healing measures taught throughout the web site.

But keep in mind, their goal is to present ideas, not to advocate medical choices.

breast cancer education - support

 Support Session Packages

Ongoing bi-weekly, one-hour group sessions on ZOOM regarding breast cancer education, are offered at $40 a month until cancelled.  Students should email questions in advance so that instructors are ready.  These sessions keep you on your toes, in maintaining diet, exercise and supplement actions.

Throughout my 25-year career as a therapist, I’ve witnessed the human body’s self-healing capability.  Managing Breast Cancer starts with an understanding of how self-healing works, and describes how to optimize these forces to beat down cancer.  A navigational, empowering work.  Linda Pollock, Founder, Back in Touch Wellness – LMT in CT and MA.

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Periodically, the authors will stream video segments focused upon on a topic of interest, including recent information uncovered by or reported to us.  All members on the email database will be notified when streaming events are scheduled.   Older broadcast are posted to the web site.

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