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The ROADMAP and DEFEATING BREAST CANCER self-help books are available in e-book to get you started and soft cover if you are a highlighter.

breast cancer self-help books

The Roadmap

Melting the Fear of Breast Cancer

This short synopsis of our findings are in our self-help books to get you started. Its goal, to replace fear with perspective. We want you to approach the challenge in a levelheaded manner.

The Roadmap will prepare you for discussions with Conventional, Naturopathic and Nutritional practitioners. Don’t venture out unprepared.

As someone who has spent years researching medical topics, I find The Roadmap not just comprehensive, but more, actionable.Kim Johnson, Founder, Inner Space.  

Go here, for e-book and soft cover versions.

Defeating Breast Cancer

No Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation

This detailed 320-page journal follows Laura’s journey to shrink her tumors solely using naturopathic means. Learn how the authors uncovered treatment options and how they weathered the emotional storm.

Read this to find what you might experience once you delve into the complex world of cancer treatment.
Women now have a choice.

As a chiropractic physician for the past 39 years, I understand that “the power that made the body, can heal the body”, and was amazed at how well Joe and Laura’s journey fit into my philosophy of health.  But another realization took hold; Defeating Breast Cancer was actually a love story. Joe’s mission to save Laura. – Doctor David Spitz. Founder

Go here, for e-book and soft cover versions.