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considering chemotherapy

As illustrated above, there are many medical conditions of the breast. Breast cancer consists of cells that slowly multiply over years to form tumors. But be mindful, though long periods of time are required to form visible tumors, cancer cells nevertheless divide at a faster pace than most of the other cell types of the body.


Attacking this elevated division rate is where Chemotherapy enters the picture.


Chemotherapy started from experiments with mustard gas stockpiles left over from World War I. Researchers turned the mustard agent into a poison that could be infused into the bloodstream.

The idea started and remains to take advantage of cancer’s very active metabolism and rapid cell division rates to absorb poison more aggressively than other cells.

In other words, every cell in the body is poisoned, but with the cancer cells getting it the worst.

The poison, though, seriously harms even normal cells that also have fairly high metabolism and cell division rates. These include hair, bone marrow, stomach, and intestine cells.

The punishment these innocent cells endure during chemotherapy usually results in the familiar side effects: hair loss, lowered blood counts, nausea, fatigue, and infections.

Not only does chemotherapy weaken all cells but also the chemo drug itself is acidic causing an overall septic condition to settle in throughout the body.

The net result: cancer cells are killed, but this comes with permanent weakening of the bone marrow, reduced ability to absorb essential nutrients, weakened immunity and emboldened tumors that may grow resistant to chemo … all with nothing accomplished to prevent another bout of cancer to incubate at a future date.

The guidance is as follows:

Even if you agree to chemotherapy, one should quickly use Naturopathic measures to bolster the body’s internal abilities, a) to endure the chemo poison, and b) to help counteract underlying health conditions that may foster longer-term outbreaks of the cancer.

Outsourcing your treatment to drugs alone is an incomplete, short term strategy. You must also prepare your body for the future.