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Prevention of Breast Cancer: 30+ Important Countermeasures

30+ Countermeasures for Prevention of Breast Cancer

Prevention of Breast Cancer

What to Do, for the Prevention of Breast Cancer, Starting in your 30’s, 40’s and Beyond 

THE FOUNDATION – A “Three-legged Stool”

At the highest level we describe the naturopathic plan as a three-legged stool of prevention: 

Leg 1 – Diet –

Many have heard cancer thrives on sugar. The diet deprives cancer of the sugar and carbohydrates it craves.

Instead, we primarily feed the body ketones – derived from fats and proteins – as advocated by ketone and paleo diet experts. 

This isolates the cancer from its food supply – but fosters normal cells.

Leg 2 – Tumor Infiltration –

Degrade tumors further via supplements like frankincense, baking soda, saffron, and green tea concentrates that disrupt cell division.

Put cancer to sleep! 

Leg 3 – Immune System Empowerment –

Attack the weakened tumors, killing visible & invisible cancer colonies day-by-day by boosting your immune system.

One achieves this through detoxing, rest, exercise and beta glucan & red reische mushroom supplements.

PREVENTION  GOALS – The goal of self-healing is fourfold: 


Embedded within these legs are 30+ specific breast cancer countermeasures one can adopt starting in one’s 30’s.

Prevention is not a guarantee; it is a lifestyle framework designed to:

1. Prevent tumor formation 

2. At the very least, slow developing cancer down

3. Better, shrink the cancer, eliminate its potency 

4. Best, to eliminate the cancer all together 

The outline below presents what you can do for prevention and reversal, in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and thereafter. Each countermeasure is presented in detail within the Master Class video course found on

In Your 20’S & 30’s – 

Keep your diet clean and your immune system empowered, able to eliminate random cancer mutations occurring in the breasts. 


1. A low-sugar, low carb diet


2. An annual 4-week fat/liver cleanse


3. An annual zeolite mineral cleanse to purge heavy metals


4. Thyroid hormonal deficiency correction


5. Iodine & Zinc supplements as antiviral blood antiseptics


6. Dense-breast-tissue treatment, using primrose & serraflazyme


7. Dense-breast-tissue treatment using Nano-Boswellia


8. Dense-breast-tissue treatment using Myo-inositol & Betaine Anhydrous


9. Vitamins D & C daily


10. Meats without hormonal/anti-biotic supplements


11. Fish without mercury


12. Mercury tooth filling replacement


13. Twice-daily brushing, flossing, electric toothbrush


14. Regular exercise, no smoking, moderate alcohol


“Moderation & supplements, that’s not so difficult”

In Your 40’s & Beyond –

Stymie unseen cancer colonies that slow down cell division rates and allow the immune system time to counter them. 

15. Thermography & sonogram testing for inflammation clues

16. Bi-annual fat/liver cleanses

17. Annual zeolite cleanse to purge heavy metals

18. An alkaline-oriented diet to temper Ph stress

19. Allergy testing to eliminate dietary stress

20. Nutritional testing to shore up low vitamin/mineral levels

21. Magnesium & resveratrol for circulatory support and vascular elasticity

22. CoQ10/PQQ supplements for heart vibrancy

23. Omega 3 “good fat” supplements, for blood structure, immune vibrancy

24. Evening hot sea salt baths to activate the immune system

25. Beta glucan & red reishe mushrooms to boost immune cells

26. Antioxidant supplementation to reduce inflammation triggers

27. Copaiba oil to calm chronic inflammation

28. Probiotics to strengthen digestion efficiency

29. Estrogen avoidance, moderate wine consumption

30. Diabetes testing to gage glucose intolerance

31. Glucose Reduce supplements for sugar absorption

32. Regular exercise, no smoking

“A few more supplements, a bit more testing & discipline, that’s all”

If Diagnosed – 

If cancer tumors become visible, add another layer of dietary, supplementary, and environmental measures to overwhelm the tumors. 

  1. Continue with all of the above
  1. Zero-sugar, zero-carbs, zero animal fats for three + months
  1. Concentrate on vegetarian foods for a year – some chicken/fish
  1. Homeopathic cleanses, to eliminate deeply buried carcinogens
  1. CBD oil infused with frankincense, to slow cancer division
  1. Curcumin to arrest angiogenesis/tumor blood vessel expansion
  1. Baking soda in honey to infiltrate tumors with alkalinity
  1. Green tea concentrate to plug unseen cancer receptors
  1. Saffron to slow cancer cell division rates
  1. Fisetin to trigger cell death and stem angiogenesis
  1. Double-helix water to boost the body’s energy charge
  1. Infrared light to “un-clump” blood cells, promoting oxygen
  1. Enforced low-stress lifestyle to temper cortisol/sugar spikes
  1. B vitamins for the nervous system, to stem anxiety, to calm
  1. Make sleep a priority, allowing the immune system to work
  1. Regular exercise, no smoking & NO alcohol

“This is where one goes all out. But you will look and feel ‘marvelous’!”


The above is just an outline. Details, and there are many, are presented in the Master Class Online Video Program, which makes the information actionable.