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Tumor Development Timeframes

Tumor Development Timeframes

tumor development

When one is diagnosed with breast cancer, the feeling becomes one of suddenly catching a dangerous illness – like pneumonia – that will rapidly close in on you and win the day. In actuality, it can take years for tumor development to become visible. 

Tumors need to be in the hundreds of millions before mammograms can detect them, so they develop in stealth for many years. The following is typical tumor development, assuming cancer cells double every one hundred days. 

Day 1 – a single cancer cell is formed
Day 100 – a 2-cancer cell tumor exists
Day 200 – a 4-cancer cell tumor exists
Year 1 – a 10-cancer cell tumor exists
Year 2 – a 50-cancer cell tumor exists
Year 6 – a 1-million cancer cell tumor is well established
Year 8 – a 70-million cancer cell tumor begins to blossom
Year 9 – a 600-million cancer cell tumor suddenly becomes visible
Year 10 – a 1+-billion cancer cell tumor becomes very threatening 

As the Master Class videos explain, the division rate can vary based upon nutrient supply and the degree of blood vessel support surrounding the tumor, and the videos outline how to mitigate these enablers. 

But because mammograms need the tumor to be around 500 million in mass for detection, one could have a clean report in January, and suddenly feel a growth six months later. By then, the 100-day division rate has resulted in a 1 billion cell tumor. In some respects the pace is slow, but in later time periods the numbers take off ‘exponentially.”

Naturopathic countermeasures seek to blunt tumor development at all stages by removing cancer’s nutrient supply, infiltrating the tumor with division blockers, and empowering the immune system to kill off rogue cells. 

These naturopathic countermeasures seek to: 

  1. Prevent tumor formation
  2. At the very least, slow the cancer down
  3. Next, shrink the cancer, eliminate its potency
  4. And ultimately, eliminate the cancer all together 

All four results are welcome. 

Wise counsel: use time to your advantage. Enact naturopathic measures for both prevention and treatment horizons, and let the body use time to do its best.